Thursday, January 10, 2008

Calvin and Hobbes: Best of Nov 1985

Remember in this Hobbes is same as Calvin, thats why he was not able to give the right answer as Calvin didn't know it, apart from the fact that this is funny. :D.

I wanted to jot down top 25 strips of calvin and hobbes, all time. But i realised it is extremely difficult and it won't be universal. When i choose a strip over the other and come back and read it, i feel no the other one is better. It is just futile to say that there are all time 25 strips of Calvin and hobbes because there so many of them that are so good that you can't differentiate it.The ranking changes every time you read it. It is paradoxical.How you differentiate between the best of the best. You can't, it becomes subjective. So I thought i should first take out the best ones from every month of its publication and then maybe i will be able to sort out a list out of it, if that is ever possible. :D.

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